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 Repair & Maintenance Welding Technology



Welding is an important process in all major industries with the cost of spares and material have rose many fold industries have to re-look into their welding practice. Welding standard and knowledge in the industry should be improved. The purpose of this Welding Technology course is to improve the quality and knowledge of welding which will benefit the industry in terms of productivity and savings.

Any engineering component will have optimum life before it fails. Once that life is reached, the engineers start looking for a spare or replacement part and he has to maintain quite a high inventory depending upon the machinery he has in the workshop, which will be very costly and expensive. One of the solutions is to deposit superior alloy on the worn out part by reliable method of welding and increase the working life of the part, thus reducing the inventory and hence cost.

Unlike fabrication, many details with respect to maintenance welding are not available for instance the material composition, fatigue level, welding procedure, welding alloy etc. As such this seminar would provide adequate support to deal with intricate problems of maintenance welding effectively.

To provide knowledge and solution and to update personnel on the latest technology to ensure plant and machinery would be maintained in good operating condition and at low maintenance cost.


Technology advancement in industry today tends to have serious effects in the growth of many industries. Automation multiples the problem of parts and equipment failure by increasing the cost of downtime, the value of output per hour fro machines in industries is enormous. An hour of downtime in some industries can cost thousands of ringgits. By attending this course YOU can benefit in reduction of cost involving downtime. Proper plant management through welding technology approach will definitely benefit you.


Managers, Engineers, Forman and Technicians

DURATION : 3 Days / 21 Hours



Mr. S.P. NARAYANAN whom is qualified in Mechanical Engineering and Steam Certificate Engineer has 30 years of experience in operation & maintenance of palm oil mill, glove manufacturing plant, cable manufacturing plant. He has undergone various training in United Kingdom, Germany and Italy in controls & automation systems and cable manufacturing. He has also conducted various public and in-house welding programs with SIRIM, FMM, RCFISET-UM, OUM for palm oil, rubber, cement, mining, shipyard and many other industries. He is currently involved on failure analysis and wear problems in palm oil and other industries. Conducted approximately 50 public programmes on Reclamation Welding Technology for Palm Oil Industries (Certificate Course), Reclamation Welding Technology for General Industries (Certificate Course) and Welder Certification – SMAW (ASME Section IX – 3G/6G).


Day -1

  • Safety and Health in Welding Environment
  • Basic Welding Principles
  • Selection of Welding Equipment
  • Welding Defects and Solution
  • Quality Assurance in Welding
  • Maintenance Welding
  • Low Heat Input Technology
  • Case Studies & Discussions


  • Basic Metallurgy
  • Heat treatment & Inspection
  • Cold Welding Technology
  • Typical Wear Problems in Industries
  • Welding Procedures and Selection of Welding Alloys


  • Practical Training
  • Repair technique for high carbon steel
  • Cast iron welding technique
  • Hard Facing technique
  • Case Studies & Discussions




Hostel can be arranged for outstation participants

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